Terms & Conditions

This prep sheet is for you, and you only. When you pay for this prep service it is not a blanket payment for a whole station unless agreed prior to purchase. Each prep sheet is embedded with your sign-up email and can be traced once forwarded.

Any station found making multiple copies of the service or sharing it will be invoiced £200, plus a monthly subscription cost per presenter using the unlicensed service.

If you have issues with receiving your prep, or need to cancel or alter your subscription please email billing@prodjamie.com

If you need to cancel your subscription, you must not unsubscribe from the mailing list. You will no longer receive the prep sheet but you may still be charged. When you cancel your subscription it will end immediately, not at the end of the billing month.

All failed payments are retried up to four times within a month. If it is still not possible to make payment after that month, your subscription will be cancelled and you’ll be manually invoiced for the final month that wasn’t payed.

We do not own the content on the service. All news items are owned by the various sites that write them, as shown in the credit URL below each story.

We do not take any responsibility or liability for mistakes or errors, or and legal proceedings as a result of using this service on-air.

We’re always looking for ways to make the CHR Prep Sheet better for you. If there’s anything you think we’re missing, feel free to email courtney@prodjamie.com