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Stop Telling me the Weather on my way Home From a Busy day at Work - Producer Jamie

Stop Telling me the Weather on my way Home From a Busy day at Work

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If you work on a breakfast show and the only content you can give me is the weather, travel and the songs coming up, you need to prep more. But, if this is something you do on a drive slot, you need to rethink your schedule position.

I’ve recently stuck a Bluetooth speaker in my kitchen. Whilst I’m cooking I connect up my phone with RadioPlayer and stick a random station on depending on my mood. Sometimes they’re national, sometimes they’re BBC, and sometimes they’re local. Heck, I’ve even been known to have a listen to community stations.

Something I’ve noticed is the sheer amount of drive hosts I’m hearing telling me about the weather. Not just telling me the weather, but making sure I know it every other link.

When a breakfast host tells you the weather in the morning it works. It fits nicely with the sense of your day. I’m busy, I’m rushing, I’ve got a big meeting and I really can’t afford my hair to be a mess. So in order to combat that I like to know the weather. That way I can bring my umbrella, or coat, or sunglasses.

Weather can’t be your only content, but on a breakfast show, it’s an informative segment that is needed. Not a whole feature but just enough of the headlines in a link to inform me. How cold will it be? Or even, it will/won’t rain today.

Now, going back to my issue of hearing endless weather reports on drive shows. Why on earth would I care about the weather on my way home? I’ve had the big meeting, and my hair is no longer really a big issue. I’ve left the house so either I’ve already got my umbrella or I’m unable to get it now anyway.

Night shifts probably care about the weather as they’re going to work at that time, but they’re a small amount of audience. People don’t want to know the weather on their way home. They don’t really care about travel as much as breakfast. Their priority is being entertained on their way home.

When Chris Moyles left Radio 1, his drive counterpart Greg James was first to be tipped for the legendary Radio 1 Breakfast Show. It turns out he didn’t get the gig (spoiler alert). At first, when I heard this news I was shocked. He’s fantastic why on earth wouldn’t they use him?! It’s not until some reflection that actually, it was perfect for him staying in a drive slot.

Greg is funny, like, very funny. He’s a creative presenter with a lot of spontaneous (or well planned?) bits and some fantastically entertaining elements on his show. Looking back on the decision, Greg would have been wasted telling me the weather every 10 minutes. His show offers me entertainment on my way home and that is all I need when I’m stuck in traffic after a long day.

So I implore you, if you work on a drive slot, please stop telling me the weather. I don’t care about it. The overnight temperatures are not a worry, I’ll be tucked up in bed. Content is king on a drive show, and if you’re not providing that, your listeners will go somewhere else.

Producer Jamie
Jamie has worked in almost every role within the commercial radio industry. He's been a music scheduler, website content editor + designer, the head of social media and more recently breakfast show producer.
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