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Why the new Global Player app is a Technology Game-Changer

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It’s never been particularly ‘easy’ to catch-up with your favourite radio show on the move. Yes, if you’re in the industry you might have RadioMonitor, or maybe you can record the whole show live and listen back later. But it’s never been easy to your average Wendy, 32 from Kent.

I should mention, yes, individual stations owned by Global have had their own apps for a couple of years. Yes, you can do catch-up on some of them, too. But it’s never actually a fluid and simple experience, until now.

Technology has advanced massively in the past couple of years alone. We’ve gone from “Wow your station has a digital desk in your studio?!” to “Wow you have webcams, an app, an online specialist station, split digital adverts AND a sofa in the studio?!”.

Whilst it’s fantastic tech has become so advanced and standard in our industry, mobile 4G signal and internet speeds haven’t much. Until now the only way to catch up with a show on Heart, for example, is you had to listen to catch-up on the app. Great, I get to listen to that show I missed. But what happens when you get into your car, and drive down the M25 with a patchy 4G signal? It cuts in and out, buffers, and eventually, you ditch the idea.

As I mentioned, for your average Wendy, 32 from Kent, that’s the normal scenario. She doesn’t have RadioMonitor (and even then you have to stream it or stick it on a USB in your car). She also doesn’t have the time or knowledge to record the show live and listen back later (also on a USB in your car probably). Here is the killer selling point for the brand new Global Player app.

I’m sure there are a couple of stations around the globe that already have a downloadable catch-up feature. If not, then even more kudos to the guys at Global. It is now possible for Wendy, 32 from Kent to finally download that show easily to her phone, and listen back later.

The new Global Player app has finally made easy OFFLINE catch-up accessible to the masses. Finally, little Jenny, 15 from Scotland can listen to Capital Breakfast in class. Mark, 57 from Canterbury can catch up with James O’Brien on LBC whilst getting the train the next day.

That would have been a cool touch to finish with, but they’ve gone one step further. You can now have mood themed playlists around your favourite station. For example, if you click their ‘Going Out’ playlist on Capital you get all the biggest remixes. If you click it on Heart you hear their best Club Classics. You can also swipe to skip a track. When you swipe on Capital and Capital XTRA, you get a really jazzy branded intro to start each track. When you do the same on Heart you get some feel-good inspired IDs to seamlessly swap tracks.

Overall it’s a lovely app from a listeners point of view. From competitors views it’s also useful. Snooping on the competition has never been easier. Getting an understanding of some of the songs Gold or Smooth has rolled around in rotation is also useful. Having a listen to the potential talent you’re looking to poach is great too.

If you don’t already have it you can download it on IOS here and once it’s on Android I will link it here.

Producer Jamie
Jamie has worked in almost every role within the commercial radio industry. He's been a music scheduler, website content editor + designer, the head of social media and more recently breakfast show producer.
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