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Make Sure Your Database And Music Logs Doesn't Fall Flat This Summer

Make Sure Your Database And Music Logs Doesn’t Fall Flat This Summer

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It’s getting hot here in the UK, and the buzz of summer is literally on the horizon. But do you feel like your station is really ‘beach bod ready’? Use these super easy steps to give your logs a kicking and get them fit for fun in the sun.

Make sure you follow the below ideas to give your database a fitness routine, a fresh outlook on life, and a new ‘no bulls**t’ attitude for summer. Not only are some of these ideas things you should be doing anyway, but it’s a good chance to sound fresher on-air and a good way to start summer with a positive spin.

Rescan Your Soundcode Data

Take a look back through your older songs. Just because you listed the mood of a song as ‘average’ when you first added it, doesn’t mean this can’t change. Songs hang around in the charts far longer now, and they grow on people. This means a reasonably mediocre song at first can end up being a summer anthem 2 months later.

It’s also worth doing a double check to make sure you haven’t let any new additions to the database slip past the net. Almost all mainstream music scheduling software can list different categories in certain orders like title, date added etc. Try ordering them by Soundcode and see if you have any with missing data.

Check Your Recurrents Again

Much like your Soundcode data, your Recurrents will also become tiresome. If you’ve rinsed ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ for the past couple of years, ask yourself, is it still something you want in a medium rotation for the rest of the year?

Sit down with your music team (or make yourself a coffee in the meeting room if you’re a one-man band) and really listen to the music. It sounds cheesy, but you can’t get a feel for a song just by listening to 20 seconds of the hook. No song is going to feel particularly amazing sat on your own in a meeting room.

Refresh Some Older Categories

Similar to the last point, go through your older categories and have another think about the songs in rotation. Are listeners getting bored of some of them? Is it possible to create an A and a B version so you can swap them around across the year to keep the older hits sounding a bit fresher?

Create Fly-In Link Rules

Here’s a great time saver you’ll thank me for later. If you read my article around Christmas time titled ‘Save Yourself Valuable Time When Scheduling Your Music This Christmas‘ then you’ll already know this trick.

Add a specific Soundcode to your absolute summer anthems. The obvious choice would be a code called ‘Summer’, but you might want to go a bit deeper with different types. Most scheduling software has a similar version of this, it might just be different names. If you’re using RCS GSelector, then you’ll want to know about Fly-In Links.

You can tell your scheduling software that whenever a song with the ‘Summer’ Soundcode appears, automatically swap the network sweeper before it for a sweeper in your summer production category.

Consider A Hotter Mix

I’m not suggesting if you’re a Soft AC station you suddenly grab the first Hedkandi CD you see. But seriously consider adding some hotter/more upbeat tracks to your output. Summer is a vibe and a unique time for listening to the radio with the windows down in the car.

If you would normally have a chilled out evening show after Drivetime, maybe switch it up for a party vibe during the summer? Your listeners aren’t sat indoors with a hot cup of tea anymore. They’ll be out at BBQs, picnics, parties and more. The last thing you want is for listeners to suggest your station as the party playlist, only to find you’ve got your biggest bedtime hits on.

Don’t Schedule Summer Songs

If you’re operating in somewhere like the US or AUS then this can probably be ignored. If your market is based anywhere else you’ll know the weather isn’t as predictable as we’d like.

Some days will be overcast, or cooler, and the last thing you want is your station burning through your summer anthems. Make sure you create a certain secondary category for summer songs, or go old school and print off a list of tracks for jocks to spot play.

This will also apply to production, as you don’t want that going out when it’s not sunshine and highs of 26 degrees.

Producer Jamie
Jamie has worked in almost every role within the commercial radio industry. He's been a music scheduler, website content editor + designer, the head of social media and more recently breakfast show producer.
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