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Learn From The Experts: Trevor Marshall from Jack FM Oxfordshire
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Learn From The Experts: Trevor Marshall from Jack FM Oxfordshire

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In an on-going series of interviews talking to experts in their field, I chat to Trevor Marshall from Jack FM. He’s an award-winning presenter coming with some fantastic fresh ideas that listeners in Oxford can’t get enough of.

Who are you and what do you do?

Trevor Marshall, breakfast presenter at Jack FM in Oxfordshire.

Tell us about Jack FM Oxfordshire

Jack FM in Oxfordshire is 10 years old this year and proudly “We Play What We Want”. Don’t even think you can get a request played on Jack, that’s our job! We love to have fun and surprise you along the way. The breakfast show is the only place you will hear a presenter, the rest of the schedule is full of the voice of Jack guiding you through the nonsense that we thrive on. Jack is growing and can now be heard across Surrey on DAB and in Portsmouth.

What is your background in radio?

I started on air across the Chiltern Network in 1992 and have mostly presented breakfast shows over those 25 years. Many of those years, 13 in all, were presenting the breakfast show on Horizon Radio in Milton Keynes. There was time spent at Mercia FM in Coventry, BRMB and Capital FM presenting Sunday mornings with the breakfast team from Horizon, that was a lot of fun.

What do you think makes a great breakfast show?

Consistency. Listeners at that time of the day are creatures of habit and they will miss you if you are not there! Breakfast radio is all about connecting with the audience who want to know what is going on in the world on a brand new day.

How does someone get good a presenting on the radio?

There are plenty of opportunities and platforms for a budding presenter to get on the air. When I started it was limited, either hospital radio or in your bedroom making a demo. Now, you can still do that but you can create your own content and share it with the world and more importantly potential employees.

Have you ever made a massive c**k up on air?

Oh yes, when describing how wonderful one of our listeners was and that she was an inspirational character, instead of saying that she does a shift in Oxfam once a week as part of her busy life, I said she did a sh*t in Oxfam once a week… awkward, but bloody funny!

What do you think the breakfast show of the future will sound like?

Breakfast shows will still be around for as long as people wake up in the morning and get going. In-car listening will still be big for a long time to come, the only thing that will be different is that shows will have to be 24 hours long… I mean that they will have to continue their brand outside of their on-air hours through social media. We see a lot of that now but it will become even more important as listening habits change.

If you could offer your younger self one bit of radio advice, what would it be and why?

Think about starting a radio station like Jack and I would have had a lot more fun earlier on in my career, and be yourself on-air, be honest and the audience will connect with you.

Producer Jamie
Jamie has worked in almost every role within the commercial radio industry. He's been a music scheduler, website content editor + designer, the head of social media and more recently breakfast show producer.
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