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How to Automate the News for Your Radio Station Twitter

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It’s an ever-growing problem for smaller commercial and community stations, to keep their social media filled with quality content. Many can’t afford the staff to solely look after the role, and staff who look after it on top of their actual job don’t have time.

Here’s how I managed to automate a newsroom twitter account with content every hour for a week, using a service called

Step 1

You’re going to need an RSS feed from your news team. If you’re a community radio station who doesn’t host news online, but still want the content, you can use Sky News here.

If you don’t have an RSS feed for your news page, you can easily create one using a website called FetchRSS. This site allows you to select specific segments of the page to put into a feed. From my knowledge on it, I think it’s officially called creating a parsing pattern.

Step 2

Now you’re going to take your RSS feed, and open up You’ll need to create an account and add any social media accounts you plan to use. They have a free option, and a paid option. As you can image you get more with a paid account, but they’re very generous with their free accounts. Off the top of my head, you get 5 feeds and 1 social media account.

Head up to the ‘Automate’ button, and then click ‘Add a Route’. This is where you’ll set up your specific feeds you want automatically tweeted

Step 3

It’s time to get all the nitty gritty bits nailed down. Some of this info may be different for yourself. It will all depend on how often you want content tweeted, in what order, in what time frame etc.

Enter your feed and then select the little plus on the right-hand side when Dlvr has verified it. Once you’ve added the feed you want, you’ll need to adjust the settings by clicking the grey cog on the right-hand side.

I’ll leave the next bit to you. These settings are what define how your feed is automated. Personally, I set them up to post every 30 minutes, with the newest item in the feed first. I also used a prefix like ‘NEWS:’ when my feed was tweeted.

Step 4

Once you’re happy with these settings, you can then select the social media account you want the feed automated on. Like I said, this will vary depending on if you have a free account or a paid for account. If you have 5 social accounts added and 20 feeds, you can get far more technical.

Now you’ve picked the social media account, you’re all set. Click start posting, and there you have it. Your twitter account has content automated for the newsroom.

Not only does this mean your listeners can catch up with the news easier, but it means your news team can focus on the news and not tweeting, and your social media manager can focus on some real quality content to fit around these automated tweets.

Producer Jamie
Jamie has worked in almost every role within the commercial radio industry. He's been a music scheduler, website content editor + designer, the head of social media and more recently breakfast show producer.
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